Gilbert Cohen & Ariel Kalma ‎– Head Voices

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Gilbert Cohen & Ariel Kalma ‎

Head Voices LP

Versatile Records - France, 2020

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Wonderful meeting of two worlds in the studio here, our old neighbor and Versatile Records bossman Gilb'r and new age legend and mystic Ariel Kalma! Deep, engaging sounds and exotic textures with a playful sense of adventure throughout the entire recording, a big one for us at the shop for sure ! Here's a little foreword from Ariel himself.. 

“In 2018 I landed in Amsterdam to start a Europe Tour. The venue could not find a hotel for me, so I asked Gilbert, who invited me to stay in his guest room. I felt at home when I saw what was on Gilbert's table/mind (picture). the book 'Shantaram', double reed flute photo, Saravah... (as a friend of Pierre Barouh, I had visited Saravah where I met Jack Higelin in the 70s). Gilbert and I exchanged many ideas, and I invited him to record at my place in Australia. He did, and here is the result!  I am thrilled that the words issued from my Head Noise are highlighted by the arrangements co created with Gilbert - also the sheer genius of I:Cube to polish our gems has a lot to do with that! Enjoy your listening experience! AK"