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Altered Soul Experiment Vol 13 Cassette

Altered Soul Experiment - Germany, 2019

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Essential installment for Berlin's Altered Soul Experiment mixtape series from the lovely Sassy J from Switzerland. Weaving her way through genres in her own distinct soulful style, from spiritual jazz to UR!

Here's a bit more info about the mix from the label.. 

"Sassy J finds inspiration in the “Fruit of Life,” a system of information found in Sacred Geometry. It consists of a structure of 13 circles that is said to contain the blueprint of the universe. Its 13th circle is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the network and, more widely, the universe. It acts as a gateway to higher dimensions and a catalyst for healing. The music in this mix exudes spirituality. As a constructed piece, it’s a tapestry that weaves together broadcasts, interludes, songs, and poems. Echoes of horns mingle with a distant message of the cosmos as Sassy J invites us into a world from which we do not want to leave. Indeed, it doubles up as a map that marks Sassy J’s place in a universe that is held together by her singular thread. The overriding mantra of "You gotta have freedom, you gotta have peace and love” marks the end of the musical journey and corresponds to the principle contained in the 13th sphere. It rings with poetic meaning and speaks to the values she espouses so uncompromisingly"