Eric Lou Root - Don't Worry

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Eric Lou Root

Don't Worry LP

Private press

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We’ve got some back-stock of a very special record here, this is a privately pressed record made by keys man Eric Lou Root in 1987 when he was in his late teens.

Originally pressed up by his mother as a present to him, this LP contains music made in the rehearsal room after jam sessions with his band. Not feeling it was ever ready to put out on vinyl he kept all but 6 copies of the record making it an non existent release. One of those 6 copies ended up in a record shop here in Amsterdam and was discovered by Red Light’s ardent digger James Pole.

The music on this record is hard to describe, taking up 30 minutes on each side and with no individual songs it’s a long and psychedelic lo-fi journey, that was supposed to be reggae but in essence is so much more than that!