Genetic Factor – Sampler

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Genetic Factor

Sampler 12"

Artificial Dance - Netherlands, 2022

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Artificial Dance is very happy to announce that we’ve spent a wealth of time going through the archived recordings of Richard Zeilstra, AKA Genetic Factor. Richard was a pivotal figure in the Amsterdam new wave and avant-garde pop music circles. Besides hosting the ever-influential Spleen and Radionome radio shows on the VPRO he also found time to conduct his own audible experiments. As a firm believer of music by non-musicians Richard has made the effort throughout the last decades to keep on recording in a variety of different guises on different parts of the planet. In these different times and places, the genetic factor was always there.

We are happy to announce that we will release a limited edition sampler 12” vinyl in January. The sampler contains 2 songs from a forthcoming 2x12" full-length archival compilation and 2 exclusives. The archival compilation will see the day of light in 2022. Fully endorsed and in collaboration with Richard, compiled by Olf van Elden & Robert Bergman.