I:Cube ‎– Cubo Live Sessions Volume 2

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Cubo Live Sessions Volume 2 12"

Versatile Records - France, 2021

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Improvising as a way to end a track, a moment in time lasting forever, a singularity as a constant: this is the illusion created by I:Cube for these Cubo Live Sessions: to jam and to edit, a free conversation with his machines.

This new found freedom is a natural evolution following years of hard work in the Versatile basement. We used to hear Cube sweating for days on a single sound or loop, we know through those Live Sessions that Cube has realised that perfection is not of this world. Or rather that perfection precisely is that ephemeral instant, that will to capture a dream and bring back a fragment from his multidimensional travels.
From this precarious equilibrium, this big bang, proceeds an entire universe, an almost living organism. I:Cube remains touched by grace, a smiling demiurge building track by track an ever growing intimacy with his listeners.