KWC 92 ‎– Dream Of The Walled City (O.S.T.)

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KWC 92 ‎

Dream Of The Walled City (O.S.T.) LP

L.I.E.S. Records - US press, 2018

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Big shop favorite here from KWC 92 aka Samo DJ and Maxxxbass made back in 2013! Dream Of The Walled City is a conceptual soundtrack set in Kowloon’s Walled City, an ex military fort in Hong Kong that became notorious for its dense population, Triad connections and lack of governmental control until it was eventually demolished in the mid 1990s. Seedy, neon lit sci-fi electronics and humid, rain swept dark alley atmospherics that really suck you in to full cinematic effect. Timeless record and quite possibly a modern classic!

note: this the 2018 version with adjusted artwork